About Us

What makes us different

We are client-focused.  We offer a responsive, personal and front-end service to our clients giving early advice and input on design and buildability.  We enjoy working alongside our client’s teams to support them throughout the estimating process providing value and efficiencies at the very beginning of a project.  Our knowledge of the building process and understanding the impact of design on construction performance gives rise to excellent buildability benefits.    We excel at finding innovative programme solutions that can deliver projects within optimum timescales.

We ensure our order book allows Noel and Charles to remain hands on with every project we undertake. We’ve learnt over the years that our clients benefit hugely from this and with it brings reassurance and a confidence that we can deliver. Over the years we’ve become a trusted soundboard for our key clients who regularly seek our advice on projects.

We are highly experienced at understanding and meeting the expectations of designers and architects.  We always strive to find innovative ways of achieving design details that would otherwise be lost due to project cost restraints.

We’re committed to developing local skills and supply chains and our unique ‘local’ procurement process ensures we work with outstanding local manufacturers and suppliers wherever your project is.   Director Noel Ruane was appointed Chair of the Greater Manchester Construction GTA Contractors Council in January 2013 for his commitment to developing innovative training and apprenticeship initiatives.