Freemont have established themselves with IDH Group as part of their core contract team to ensure their dental practices have the same brand identity and consistent quality wherever they’re located across the UK. Working to demanding fast track programmes, in close collaboration with IDH and their Practice Managers and ourselves as project managers. Freemont have to date completed refits of fully operational dental practices to the conversion of office buildings into new dental facilities.

I view Freemont Ltd as a very reliable contractor who are focused on delivering a quality product at a competitive price regardless of the any time constraints that are imposed.



PLA Ltd – Peter Littlewood, Architect

MCFC’s Mancunian and Chairman’s Lounge refurbishment programme required exceptional quality workmanship, a high level of customisation and it had to be delivered within a very short timescale. The designers specified furniture materials which didn’t meet the clubs local procurement policy, so suitability (and equal quality) alternatives were sourced. Rising to this challenge and with our full support Freemont took the lead delivering the feature seating booths, a unique circular bar, fret panelling and executive furniture package. They helped make sure that over 80% of our suppliers were based within a 40 mile radius of the Etihad, and over 90% were UK based. Freemont did a superb job of managing the procurement and design development ‘sampling’ process leading to the successful delivery of the project. Ed Dalton, Senior Project Manager – MCFC Refurbishment VIP Hospitality Suites.

Ed Dalton, Senior Project Manager, MCFC Refurbishment VIP Hospitality Suite

“Following a recommendation this was the first time I had used Freemont. From the initial stages, having meetings and discussions, developing the project design drawings, quotations, through to the completion and hand over of the project, Freemont proved to be extremely capable and professional and no area of work was beyond them. Their energy and commitment contributed to the overall success and delivery of the 7,500 sq ft Flaming dragon restaurant. I hope this will be the start of a long and fruitful partnership with Freemont.”

John King, Director, John King & Co on the Flaming Dragon Restaurant, The Rock Bury